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OMG people. Don't *** do it.

The dye was so watery it ran faster than Flo Jo. The bleach was so uneven I Looked like someone put Pikachu through a blender and smeared it on my head. (1st Picture.. Look How excited and hopeful my *** is!!) Then the cap fell to the floor..

BIG Glob fell right in between my toes *** PURPLE EVERYWHERE! My toilet is stained a lovely shade of purple. I think it took three days to rinse this *** out.. My Tub is stained a light purple hue...

I used all of the hot water twice and an entire bottle of shampoo and it still made a purple conditioner mess everywhere. I'm going to have to replace my shower curtain.. Looks like someone slaughtered Barney in there. My Towels look like I cleaned it up properly.

My hair however? Looks Black, brown, pink, and a *** mess. I Used THREE Boxes to make sure I got maximum color. The color itself didn't stick to large spots on my head..

so it look orangey polka dotted.. Wasted $9+ for each box.. The WORST $23 I ever spent. The gloves that come in the kit..

Not strong enough at all.. Should have more than one pair if bleach comes in the kit as well. Glad I bought Three Boxes!! 3 pairs of *** gloves!

Yaay! Looks like they stole them from the lunch ladies trash cans.. The COVERAGE was just about as good as Fox News. Spotty and full of places the dye just DIDN'T work.

I washed the bleach out twice, and waited until the next day to make sure the previous formula wouldn't affect the new color. Completely Dry and ready for maximum coverage. I followed all the instructions, waited probably a little longer than I should have on the purple, I wanted it to really STICK! Fuuck Me.

So My skin is purple, a long with everything else that touches it, and my hair looks like Stevie Wonder painted it. I also used petroleum jelly on my hair line so it didn't stain my face.. sooo my hair line is just crazy.... Annnd I have spots where the jelly kept the hair so I have spots of white hair around my hairline like Falcor left me a special sparkly facial.

WTF People. This is going to cost me waaaaay to much to be fixed. My Clothes are purple, my pillows, my hoodies, RAINED on my at the playground and now my back and my face is dyed where it ran down. Purple Desire??

LEFT NOTHING TO BE DESIRED!!! It's been a few days and my skin is still purple..

Go to a *** Salon People. Them Ladies are Gods among men.

Product or Service Mentioned: Splat Hair Color Purple Desire Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Splat Hair Color Pros: That it was inexpensive and had lots of great results online.

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http://www.atallcures.com/splat-hair-dye/ Splat hair dye is a funky that has been seen working well among many people that can be applied for lighter hair like blonde or grey without bleaching. SPLAT colors do not utilize a developer you could potentially use it long after dying.


Splat hair dye is funky that has been seen working well among many people that can be applied for lighter hair like blonde or grey without bleaching.


i used the same dye last summer, since my natural hair is very thick and very dark (almost black), it typically rejects bleach, so instead of using bleach i use platinum blond hair dye which works much better; the purple dye stuck much better to my hair using the blond dye than the bleach, the results were beautiful and the color stayed vivid for around 3 months before it started to noticeably fade. to remove the stains on my counter a magic eraser sponge worked very well with little effort and it came out of my towels just by running them through the wash.


I loved your review! You had me roaring with laughter!

I just dyed my daughter’s hair and this stuff is everywhere! my tub is ruined with blue stain, and apparently, we didn’t use near enough petroleum jelly bc she looks like a smurf. Did you find anything that took it off your skin? Wish I’d read your review prior to doing this.

We’ve been rinsing it out for over an hour and we still can’t get the water to run clear.

Never. Again.


Honestly the only thing that got it off my counters and stuff was rubbing alcohol, or you can use hand sanitizer and let it sit.. I had to use coconut oil and keep putting it on my skin, and eventually it all came off, took about a week though.

I ended up shampooing my hair and washing it a few times to get it to run clear.

But it still stained EVERYTHING whenever it got wet. Good Luck!


I'm 16 and I got splat yesterday and it burned my head and I only had it in for 3 min. It hurts like a *** when I brushed my hair I didn't get to use the blue dye because it blew up in my moms hand her hand is blue now!

This is *** my hair is now white and my skalp it burned. People are making fun of me at school and I'm *** tiered of it!

The box did not have a warning on it telling me that this could happen! PLEASE DON'T USE SPLAT HAIR DYE!!!!


You're an idiot. Smh. Maybe you shouldn't be attempting grown up stuff since you clearly have no idea what you are doing.....


Yeah.. cuz bullying is a grown up thing to do. Have a seat, child.


I am in my 40's and have been doing my own hair for 22 years. I am a regular bleacher.

Used Splat for the first time today. Had it in for 5 minutes. I am finally being released from the hospital for severe burns. According to the ER docs..

this is not unheard of with the Splat bleaching kit. So all you white trash jumping all over this girl need to have a stay with your ignorant selves.


The color was supposed to be in for 20 min but after 3 it burned my head and color explode in the box and got all over my mom she is blue now the *** *** don't work and it hurts my head when I brush it now


Your blamin the product for you being dumb the only reason it's splotchy is because you didn't do it right it's not the bleaches fault. It washed out in the rain cause you clearly didn't wash it till it ran clear. Stop being *** women and blaming everyone else for you being dumb


I did what I was supposed to do and what the box told me to do it still messed me up




I did it right OK my mom has been doing hair for years and I have too!!! I'm not blaming everyone else and nether is anyone who posted on this they are concerned about the effects of the clearly defective product SPLAT!!!

What if a baby was beside the box when it out of nowhere blows up!?

This product needs to make itself better or not sell at all! I am concerned about the little kids around me when it blew up on my mom and made her arm blue and burned her arm and melted the gloves she had on at the time!


You've GOT to be kidding me.. first of all..

you're 16.. you haven't been "doing hair for years" smmfh. and if your mama HAS been doing hair for years and didn't bother to get you some ACTUAL salon products....She's just as dumb as you. You deserved every bit of what you got for your obvious stupidity.

Please... don't have children.


My sympathies, but you had me laughing so hard at the Falcor's sparkly facial part I could barely breathe.

Ive foubd that after leaving the dye in for at least an hour, hit your hair with a blast of hot air from a blowdryer.

This opensthe hairs cuticle letting more dye penetrate. Then rinse, shampoo with a non clarifying shampoo or one with low sulfates and condition, ALL IN COOL WATER.

Blowdry on lowest setting possible from there on out.

For your tub/toilet, I recommend comet (the dry powdery ***" and a scrub brush. Might take a few tries but it will fade eventually.

And dont put vaseline on your hairline, use conditioner UNDER the hairline.

Hope this helps for next time!