My daughter used this product six weeks ago. One streak of pink.

Since then, we have had one hospital visit and 3 visits to a salon to repair the damage. Internally, she became super ill with intense headaches. Externally, hair falling out in MAJOR clumps. For a middle school girl, this is horrible on all levels.

Never again and joining in some lawsuit for all these complaints. Trends or not - businesses are responsible for protecting consumers - especially those they cater to who are young and vulnerable.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i used red and bleached my hair like 5 times and its literally pink its been like this for 4 months


I dyed my hair last sunday. Having severe allergic reaction have to carry an epi pen around.

Headache severe rash sore throat.

Been to the er and doctors. Not getting better Natasha Peters Kingsley Michigan


I used the pink splat hair dye. I wanted to change my hair color again.

I wanted it to be frost ash. But no. Splat is permanently stuck in my hair.

I bleached it and it still won’t come out!! I’m really pissed off.

@Terressa Bci

Use Oops it!..I have used Splat for years & different colors never had a problem or damage. The 1st time I decided to go to the Salon my hair got severely damaged $150 done the toilet. I think dye depends on ppl hair type & condition..


I used splat hair dye and it took on my hair however my tub shoulder scalp forehead should feet and hands are all stand


We used the blue dye on my beautiful long blond haired daughter 3 years ago. We have been to the solon to have it stripped twice and still 3 years later she has blue hair!

Thank goodness we only did a peekaboo look so it is somewhat hidden.

I found d out from my beautition that the use carpet dye in there products! Pissed off mama!

@Ninette Anb

Had the same experience but decided to dye my entire head of hair purple


Hello i am currently seeking legal advice their bleach cannot be safe my lungs are killing me even before i started mixing it never have had this type of experience with bleach


Okay HELP ME! I am blue everywhere!

I couldn't go into work because I look like umpa loompa! (If that's how you spell it). I thought I did something wrong. I was freaking out in the shower.

It was staining the whole thing. And most of all my kids where even scared of me.

Its suppose to be like a blueish color and it is the darkest black ever! How is this on the market!


My daughter used the purple hair dye, now her whole scalp is purple. The gloves in the box were both split between the thumb and forefinger because when I removed them my hands were stained.

I have scrubbed until raw with everything recommened but nothing removes the dye. How can i join the lawsuit?


My daughter used splat on her hair and she has blue every where. Her hair is green not blue and it is in patches and it stained her scalp.

Someone please help. Everyone that has used this product needs to be compensated because no hair salons will touch this product because nothing works excpt shaving tbe head.

These people need justice. I have called the company and someone was going to call me back and never did.You can contact me at amymaldonado405@***.com


Update, about 6 months have gone by since I used this product and my hair is still pink! Never using again, I have told all my friends about it and I am super pissed! I hope this product is taken off the shelves or the name is changed to PERMANENT hair dye!


Uses this product about 2 months ago and it is still in my hair like I did it yesterday. I’ve tried everything to get it out and even professional salonist are saying that it will be a long time before comes out. I even have a friend that did it 2 YEARS AGO and it is still in her hair.


I would like to join the lawsuit it didn't dyed my hair right and burned my scalp and it didn't feel right and the hair color is not what I wanted it to be. The hair dye was supposed to be blue Envy where it was bright color but my hair looks like it's a black blue

@Kacyn Sti

Same here just happened yesterday

@Kacyn Sti

Same with me. It didn’t work all my hair is still falling out.

My hair is badly processed and damaged now after using it and it still won’t stop running blue every time i wash it. My sink and bathtub is stained.

My body is still stained blue. I am just sacred it will cause more damages.


How do I join ?? Had it in for 5 minutes and my entire body is stained this has been a worrying experience everything is stained my toes are blue my hands my face my neck this is the worst experience ever


I used splat 2 days ago. I hate it.

Purple on everything but it turned my medium brown hair black. The only thing on my head that turned purple was my scalp.

And my hair is falling out. I've let all my friends know about this product.


Horrible products it's never stops bleeding my eye were constantly burning my clothing had the dye run on it and even after 10 washes never stopped bleeding . .Had to shave my head bald yes my length that took me years to grow now gone


If she didn't follow instructions and do a test patch, you have no case. Not being a ***, that's what they'll tell you. Plus, there's no way to prove you did and most people don't.

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