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I just bought the ombre blue purple kit with the bleach . first off the gloves rip and secondly bleach didn't cover all my hair but I had no way of buying more bleach .

showered dried hair completely put color in my hair sectioned hair off color went through the rip gloves got hair dye all over my hands had to pour bleach on my hands and ajax and still have it on me waited 60 mins than showered guess what my hair is green blue blonde.

Waste of $10. Plus tax will never buy again and I'm have to redo my hair tonight

Product or Service Mentioned: Splat Hair Color Dream Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have long hair and one box of Splat is enough for me. Sounds like the problems you had were your fault.

Splat hair dye lasts forever. Ask literally anyone.

It stains your skin which they warn you about on the box. If you rip the gloves use new ones.


You are subject to all comments positive or negative when you post something to this website.

Unless you can tolerate criticism, this is not the website for you.

No way am I going to praise a mouthy little brat with ridiculous hair.

Blue hair ?

Now THAT is a loser.


hahahaha wtf why are u so pressed u loser. they just wanted to share what happened to their hair why u gotta go and say mean ***. AND WHATS WRONG WITH BLUE HAIR?


What a stupid fad.

Unattractive too.

Go ahead and dye it again.

{{Redacted}} dummy.


Lmao okay loser did I ask your opinion no I didn't. And my hair is health and guess what {{Redacted}} isn't not fried or split ends my hair is super soft and blue


Your grammar is as poor as your hair is ugly.


What is wrong with you people? This is a website for people to say their experiences with products.

Are you here, on a review of hair color, just to insult people who are actually using the site correctly? Seriously, get a hobby and actually do something with your life. Blue hair is gorgeous when the right dye is used, so you and you opinion can take a long walk off a short dock. Also, Richard, the same goes to you.

Get a hobby. The two of you are acting like children.