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My son wanted blue hair for the summer so I bought midnight indigo. When we wanted it out it got absolutely everywhere in the shower and stained everything!!

It even turned his whole body blue from it running out of his hair!!!! My hands are blue his legs and feet are blue the shower walls floor and curtain are blue and my bathroom floor is blue.

It also dyed his scalp a super dark blue and I can't get any of it off of anything no matter what i try. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Splat Hair Color Indigo Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same here


u literally were messy ab it what did u expect

to Anonymous #1528626

How was I messy? It didn't get anywhere until I rinsed it out in the shower and it turned the whole shower blue. There's no way to avoid that unless I took him out and rinsed it with the hose.


Baby wipes

to Alysia #1463411

Baby wipes did nothing his scalp was blue for almost a year.


It has warnings right on the package that it will stain whatever it touches. Not their fault you can't read, and wtf do you expect, it's DYE!

to Anonymous #1378211

Are you retarded? Ive used dye for years and it has never dyed anything but my hair.

And if it got on my face it wiped right off with baby wipes.

This stuff PERMANENTLY stained my shower and it took 3 months to completely come off my kids scalp. THAT is not normal and is very much the companies fault.

to Rsclowser #1420849

Everyone complains about dye that fades too easily. Its a fantastic product and your problem is that you didn't read the disclaimer on the box.

You could've washed it out in a metal sink and then used bleach to clean the sink afterwards. I laid a big trash bag in the sink and put a large hole in the bag right over the drain.

Don't blame a great product for being more than you paid for and don't blame the company. Just read the box.

to Donovan #1463415

I read the box just fine. There are no warnings saying it will dye your skin for almost a year.

It's a terrible product his hair faded before his scalp did.

Why do you care what I'm posting about my experience anyway? Are you trying to say everyone on the planet has to have the same experience you did or they did something wrong?


I used this product last night and had the same issue. I cant find a number to complain.

For my tub I had to use bleach and magic erasers. It worked but I fear my tub will be blue every time I wash my hair...

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